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July 31, 2013

spaghettiRecently I ran into a church that has a thriving Wednesday night service. They are reaching lost teens and having a great impact in their community. They cook them a meal and then study the Word. Do you think the leadership of the church is happy? It doesn’t sound that way. The elders want to know why all of these young people don’t come to church on Sunday.

Why are they worried about Sunday numbers? Could it be because that is what we have established as our barometer of church? Is your church growing, How are your Sunday a.m. numbers? Do we not recognize that we have created false human measuring sticks? So this church has an incredibly important ministry that is having great impact but instead of celebrating what God is doing they are trying to figure out ways to make them come on Sunday.

My fear is the leadership will miss what God is doing and harm this ministry. Please keep this church in your prayers as they love like Jesus. Pray that they continue to see fruit, one young teen put on Christ in baptism at camp last week. Pray that the leaders don’t miss what God is doing because of a desire to see bigger church numbers on Sunday.

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