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Let’s Get Practical: Patience

May 2, 2011

You will need a lot of patience if you are going to be practical. I remember how long it took me to find my beautiful brown Chevette. It took a lot of searching. This was long before the internet. I went to several car dealerships and found few cars that fit the bill. Finally after several months we ran across the Chevette at a dealership in Great Bend, Kansas.

Yes, technology has shortened the search but it still takes effort. My latest car took several searches on the internet followed by several trips to the dealership followed by more searches to insure that everything the dealer said was true and that I was getting the best price. Today you can get a Carfax after you have searched Kelly Bluebook on the internet. Those sites have done a lot of work so that your search seems shorter but trust but it was still a lot of work.

We gravitate towards quick and easy but to be practical you need to be patient. It may seem like you are getting nowhere but in the end you are getting exactly where you need to be.

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  1. August 19, 2012 7:04 am

    I ended up your blog a few weeks ago and I seriously cannot get enough!
    Please keep writing!

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