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Let’s Get Practical: Broken

April 27, 2011

Things are all messed up. The story in Genesis 3 isn’t simply there so you know why Jesus had to die. It is there to help you understand everything about your current situation. The feelings that it should be better. The fact that no matter how hard you try something always goes wrong. God’s creation is broken.

There is no such thing as the good ol’ days. They never existed. Even when our country was being founded on Christian principles the world was broken. You need to remember that when you seek to minister to the world you live in.

The early church was broken too. How can you read the New Testament and not understand that fact? If you are going to realistically deal with today and what you can do you have to remember the world is broken by sin. That is why you are trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If the world wasn’t broken the kingdom wouldn’t need you.

So get busy but remember, the world is broken. Sin corrupts everything, even your ministry, your church, and the work you are doing to impact the world for Christ. I’m just saying, this will help keep things practical.

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