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Something Beautiful: Your Place

April 12, 2011

It is lovely to discover you are doing exactly what you were made to do. I couldn’t help but think about that today. I was watching Craig Groeschel from I was reminded I’m no Criag Groeschel, and I was thankful. Not because I have any issue with Mr. Groeschel, or Pastor Groeschel, or Reverend Groeschel if that is how you like to identify him. Please no nasty comments that I am just jealous. No, because he is doing what God created him to do.

I mean I’m guessing that when he was in Kindergarten he was already impacting and organizing and leading. I imagine that he probably already had all of the kindergarten classes networked together. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he went from class to class giving helpful or insightful lessons to assist the teacher. He probably organized a more efficient way to deliver the milk and graham crackers for snack time. Probably rotated nap times to make more effective use of space. I wouldn’t doubt if he was a part of the first multi-site kindergarten or the first one organized to have multiple experiences in a day.

Why? Because it is what he was made for. I respect that he is being who God created him to be, that he is bringing God glory. I’m glad he is doing it because I’m not. It is not my place. After many years in ministry I understand that wasn’t what I was created for. He didn’t knit me in my mother’s womb to do what he does. There is no mega in my Pastor description.

The thought of it makes me uncomfortable. I start to sweet. I get physically ill. Speak to a large group of people on occasion, great, no problem, but every week, day in and day out? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against growth and I’m gifted to speak in front of people, it just isn’t my passion. We try very hard to seek and save the lost and we are a growing fellowship, just not a mega-growing fellowship.

I’m talking about being at the place that God wants you at doing what God made you to do.

You see I was also watching Steven Furtick (did I even spell his name correctly?). Another one of those guys that is extremely gifted by God to do what he does. It just isn’t what I was gifted to do. I’m guessing that when he was in Pre-School he was impacting peoples lives. Sorry, no disrespect to Mr. Groeschel but that kid is gifted. He was created to do what he does.

I was created to focus on Community Impact Ministry. I know that without a doubt. I was made to be consumed with linking Jesus to people in need. To developing solutions to community needs and trying to inspire others to do likewise. Our church is a testimony to that fact. The majority of our growth comes from people reached in these ways. How else can you explain churches inviting me to talk to them about being the hands and feet of Jesus? How else can you explain what they do with this information? The excitement to reach out to their community that comes?

Several weeks ago I was flying to give a presentation on Community Impact Ministry. I was reminded of my calling and it is simply beautiful. Towards the end of the flight the young man I was sitting by asked me why I was flying. I told him I was going to a church to do a presentation. I gave him that I understand if you don’t want to talk about it look but he was interested in learning more. I explained that I had been invited several places to give this presentation and had just done one a few weeks before at a workshop.

He wanted to know what it was about and did he ever find out. I talked with him about community impact ministry and what the church can do. I shared about our tutoring program and our essay contests. By the end of the conversation he was asking for our church address. He wanted to send me some money to help with what we were doing.

Here is the thing. He has no church home and no real church connection. What a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus talking about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Why? Because it is my calling, my passion, what I was put here to do. So if someone invites me to talk about Community Impact Ministry you better believe I will go. We have a good story to tell. But if you are looking for a mega-church pastor with multi-sites it is not a job for me and that is something beautiful.

There is some irony in it all. Several years ago when was just starting One Prayer I gave them a call. I spoke with on of their Pastors about making sure One Prayer imcorporated Community Impact Ministry. After the discussion the Pastor said it sounded like they could learn something from us. It really is great to be in your place.

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