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Thinking About: Jobs

March 11, 2011

Do you love your job? Are you a big fan of work? When I was in high school Loverboy had a song, “Working for the Weekend.” Nice song with a sentiment that seems to be very familiar. I can’t wait to get to the weekend because I don’t have to work.

We are a culture obsessed with entertainment.
Take a minute to look at the magazine rack at the grocery store and you will see. Take a look at the number one rated show. Ask yourself about how much of our time and effort is spent on entertainment. Anything but work.

At times I think we have the wrong idea about work. There is irony that God instituted a day to honor Him and not work and people took this fact added an extra day and often don’t want to spend any time worshiping Him because it will cut into their relaxation or entertainment.

Be careful that you don’t teach the false belief that work is bad. Some of this probably comes because of the results of the fall. Sin entered the world and creation is broken. God shares that the one of the consequences is that working the ground will be hard. The point is Genesis 3:19 doesn’t say work is bad it says work will be hard. In Genesis 1:28 before the fall mankind is told to fill the earth and govern it. That is something to do, that is a job.

The picture that we sometimes have that before the fall man sat around eating grapes and taking naps isn’t true. We humans had a job to do.

Why do I bring this up? We don’t help others when we don’t expect work. We don’t help our children when we try to make life easy for them. Is work hard? Can be and you can thank the fall, just don’t think it isn’t important to work.

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