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“I need to find a better job.”

March 10, 2011

Suzanna* understands. She realizes that without English there is no way for her to get a better job. Without a better job she knows that she can’t provide for her children as they grow.

Because of this she comes each week to work on her English. To improve her ability to communicate so that she can get better paying work. It is one of the reason’s I love our ESL program. Instead of complaining or blaming or wondering why someone doesn’t do something we do what we can to help in the name of Jesus.

She also puts a face to what is often nothing more than a statistic or something used to garner votes. That is something that comes with ministry. It puts a name to the face and forces us to love our neighbor and help and love the foreigner.

It epitomizes what we seek to do with ministry, a hand up and not a hand out. Taking the time to get to know people for who they are because each carries the image of our God.

The next time you help someone remember, God knew them before they were born and has a purpose for them. Who is to say they aren’t in front of you because of God’s plan?

* Not her real name.

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