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“So You are From Up North”

March 7, 2011

Carmen* was warm and friendly. Typically on our Medical Mission night an elder and I mingle with those gathered looking for an opportunity to minister and pray. We really try to be led by the Holy Spirit in an attempt to discern where people are spiritually.

Our past Medical Mission was Carmen’s first. She was warm and friendly but it seemed that there was something more. So we talked. We talked about the difference between Oklahoma and where she was from. Talked about how nice it was to have no snow. She shared her background and gave some life experiences. It was simply an opportunity to get to know her better. At this point one of our volunteers approached and it was time to put out some small fire that comes with any ministry.

Later I returned to the front of our sanctuary where Carmen waited patiently to see the nurse before she went to the van to be treated by the Doctor. This time our conversation took a deeper turn. We were able to discuss her spiritual background and where she was with God. At the end of the conversation she asked about our church and the time of our services.

I took a break, more work to be done, children’s ministry upstairs working on their play, tutoring in other areas, clothes closet and our worship team practicing.

Then I returned to Carmen and we went even deeper. A chance to share, to get to know her even better. This time an opportunity to pray together. A chance to challenge her spiritually. To let her know that God loves her and is looking for her. That it seems like this is an opportunity for her to get on track with God.

Finally she was able to see the Doctor. After her examination she returns. We pray more and after they bring her medicine it is time for her to go. She tells me she will see me Sunday. She went from nothing to I might come to church to I will see you Sunday.

I need you to pray. Pray for Carmen. Pray that we will have an opportunity to study the bible together. Pray for protection against the forces that conspire to keep her away. Pray that she would find redemption from the great Physician. It is why we open our doors for Medical Mission each first Wednesday of the month.

(* not her real name)

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