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C2 Clothes Closet: Emergency

December 27, 2010

When I think of the word emergency several things come to mind. One is the 1984 song of the same name released by the band Kool and the Gang.

I also think about the 1970’s era TV Show staring Randolph Mantooth (Great name by the way) and Kevin Tighe as paramedics at Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Station 51.

Well neither of those are why I am writing about emergency today. No, I’m writing because of the call we received the week of Christmas. A phone call because a mother and her family had had enough, the abuse in the home was just too much.

I’m writing because it is nice to have everything in place to handle an emergency like this. To open the doors of our clothes closet to someone in need, to give presents for the family because they left with on the clothes on their backs, to be there when someone has a need.

Send a prayer up this week for a family trying to deal with the aftermath of abuse. Give thanks for what you have, it is all a gift from God. Ask yourself, what am I doing to prepare for an emergency?

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