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Staying on Mission: Helping Hands Tutoring

October 8, 2010

Did you enjoy going to school? Did you like it when the teacher assigned you homework? Did you ever need special assistance and hated the very idea?

I remember in the Fourth Grade needing to go to a special math class. I don’t remember why, I just remember that several of us had to go to a special room for assistance each week. Everyone watched you go and you had to walk down this long hall to the room. I seem to remember that the times tables were really giving me trouble. The only saving grace was one of my good friends also had to go. It didn’t seem quite so bad.

So, I try to imagine being excited about spending an evening with a special tutor because you struggle with reading. I say I struggle because that is exactly what happens with one of our new students this year. He is excited to come for tutoring.

In fact this past Wednesday he wanted to surprise his tutor with some special teeth he had. They were orange vampire teeth and it was all he could do to keep them hidden in his mouth. As I opened the door you could tell he had something in his mouth. As he adjusted the teeth you could see what they were. That didn’t matter, he still tried to keep them hidden. He wanted to surprise his tutor.

His mother told us recently that he couldn’t wait to come for tutoring. He talked about it all week. Think about it, excited about spending more time with school work.

At times our Helping Hands Volunteer Tutoring program can be frustrating. At times people call for assistance. I line up a tutor and then they never show up. At other times they come a few times and vanish. They don’t return phone calls or even let us know if things are better or what went wrong.

Then a little boy comes to the building with orange vampire teeth that he really wants his tutor to see. It is then that I am reminded why we do what we do. We want to be the tangible kingdom of God, a place that cares and helps our neighbor, a place where people receive assistance in the name of Jesus.

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