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September 27, 2010

I thought that this would be an appropriate place to share where God has been leading us lately. We are strongly convinced that we need to share our story and knowledge with other churches. We have been doing this on an informal basis but felt it was time to take a more formal approach.

Our fellowship began over ten years ago with a belief that church was supposed to be different. Instead of focusing out ourselves the belief was we should focus on others. The least of these, the widows, orphans and less fortunate of the community.

This experience has taking many turns over the years. Turns that can both inspire and aid others. Over this past year we have been invited several places to share our story, to help inspire and open believers up to the opportunities around them. To help give them an outwardly focused vision to impact their community.

From our Medical Mission for the uninsured to our Helping Hands Volunteer Tutoring Program we share successes and failures as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If you would like to learn more about our story and find out if the workshop would be right for you let us know. Allow us to help you discover God’s mission for your church.

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