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Final Thoughts

June 3, 2010

You probably started to wonder if I was ever going to finish. Well I suppose me wondering about what you thought about what I was doing is pretty self-absorbed isn’t it.

I see self-absorption all of the time and often from people who would tell you they are not selfish at all. The person who says thanks for the helping me, I will stay after the help others. After the help is received, they always seem to have some reason they can’t stick around. The best thing we can do is stop seeing the world from our individual eyes and start looking at it from the groups. Trying to understand other people’s point of view is what our world needs and should be a part of what calling yourself Christian means.

Alright, so, what steps do you take after you have identified areas where your church encourages self-centered behavior? You then begin to tell stories about the destructive nature of self-absorption. Finally, you give people a plan, a very practical and very doable plan to train them that to be a follower of Jesus Christ means to place others above yourself.

Some ideas that you can take or leave:

Start calling people disciples or followers of Jesus Christ. If we are following Jesus lead it is hard to be consumed with your own.

Give people opportunities to be selfless. In my experience churches often tell believers that they should put other people first but without concrete opportunities you are asking them to do something themselves that they have already proven unable to do.

Make celebrating love of neighbor a priority every Sunday. Tell powerful stories of helping others wherever you find it. Make it a part of your routine.

You may be saying, we don’t have something to say to our church every week about helping others. Well I guess we have figured something out then haven’t we?

Currently we are raising seeds for Hope Springs International. Every week we talk about what this ministry does and remind people to bring seeds. This Sunday I will give them the total of seeds along with pictures of the street children we are helping. Throw in that this week we helped do dental work for adults in our community and we had our monthly Medical Clinic and we will have a lot to talk about.

We are kicking off an entire summer campaign, “Summer of Fun” and guess what the fun is we are talking about? You got it, loving your neighbor.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep it small and measurable to begin with. Let it grow over time. What I love about the seed ministry is that all you need is a dollar to participate. Start with something that can be recognized as successfully helping others. We offer job skills training as a way to help others. Unfortunately often times the people who need the help don’t finish the program. That shouldn’t be a surprise but if your first attempt at selfless love of neighbor is this your people may become discouraged.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. This is all I have as it relates to our selfish culture. Also just know no matter what you do some people will never get on board. If Adam and Eve could live in a perfect garden and walk with God and be selfish, well just don’t feel bad if they decide the same thing with you.

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