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May 6, 2010

You may not like this number very much. Wait a minute, is zero a number? Give me a second to look that up….Okay, all done, zero is a number. A number you may not like and you may like even less when I tell you what the “0” is a percentage off.

It is percentage of difference morally and ethically found between college students at state universities and Christian one. You got it, zero difference. Now I went to a Christian college and to be truthful the number doesn’t surprise me but then I was expelled for a semester so obviously I saw a different side than some.

These are conservative Christian colleges that have done the surveys. Are you surprised that after paying for them they bury the numbers? I’m not, hard to market paying more with those facts.

What does it mean? You tell me, I just know it is what they found. My good friend and ministry partner John-David often talks about Mike Yaconelli and his thoughts on Christian colleges. If they were truly Christian colleges wouldn’t they be putting out radical followers instead of the same degree you get at a state school plus a few Bible classes?

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