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18.8% continued…

May 4, 2010

Someone always seems to bring up the outlier. The number that isn’t normal. The situation that is one of a kind and impossible to duplicate. When I talk to ministers it always seems that they have this place, this church that went from 25 to 1250 in two years or something. You can almost here the disappointment in their voice, the “What am I doing wrong since our fellowship didn’t grow like that.”

50%. Our numbers over the past 4 years put us on the high side of this growth. At times people are shocked to find out how our church compares to others around the nation and yet from this study we are doing very well. Sure our numbers were small four years ago, but we are still showing healthy growth.

What is even greater is the fact that 28% of this growth are people who were out of church and away from God. When you go from the low 60’s to a littler over 100 in many ways it doesn’t seem like you are doing that well. That may just be because you don’t know the numbers.

Even at our last church we arrived with a little over 20 people at the Elkhart (KS) Church of Christ. We saw three people who were far from God baptized. We witnessed families return to the church who had stopped attending. 18% is only 4.5 people. In our two years we saw an increase of 41%. 19% of those were renewed commitments to Christ or new believers. When you look at the national average, not bad.

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