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SGtoDC: Practical Examples

April 26, 2010

Am I the only one thinking about Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical?” Oh, I am… How embarassing. At least you are thinking about it now.

At any rate. I thought it would be good to throw out some experiences that help flesh out our current discussion. Well I suppose calling it a discussion is being very liberal, but that is besides the point.

Yesterday I bought lunch for one of the many Spanish speaking people who come to our church for assistance. We sat down at Church’s Chicken to learn more about each other. He started coming because of our English as a Second Language class on Wednesday nights. Each week he comes and I take some time to say hello and engage him in a short conversation before class begins. We sat down to lunch so I could learn more about him and his faith journey.

He was there because he has been coming to our Sunday morning worship services recently. How did we end up with an English as a Second Language class? We just did.

In fact explaining how it really came about is difficult. One week we didn’t have one and several weeks later we did. We run a clothing ministry each week and many of the people who come speak Spanish. In a conversation someone happened to ask if we had ever thought about having a class to help them improve their English. Not thirty minutes later I was talking to the young lady who helps with our Spanish translating during our Medical Mission nights. I told her about the question and a sheepish grin came across her face.

You see she had been wanting to ask about starting an ESL class at the church. She just hadn’t gotten around to doing so.

So we did the research, asked other churches about what they were doing, and plunged in. We organized it because we believed God called us to it.

I know, sounds easy and yet there is nothing easy about it. Operating and organizing and getting it going and understanding some will drop out and some won’t. Yet there we were at Church’s Chicken sharing a meal of fried chicken all because someone asked, have you ever thought about helping us with our English.

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