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SGtoDC: So How are Your People Skills?

April 22, 2010

Interesting starting point I know. How often do you get a chance to mention Crosby, Stills, and Nash in a blog post? Probably better ways to make my point but hey, it is my blog.

The whole point is if you asked God and he either said nothing or he really led you to believe you are where you belong then love the one you’re with.

In the grand scheme of things the order is going to sound very familiar. Go to God and then deal with people. Sounds a lot like love God and love your neighbor. I told you it was very simple. The reason we might look for other avenues like the latest trend or newest hottest book? Love is hard. If you are going to ask God to tell you where to go and what to do? He is going to send you to some hard places.

Moses followed God’s direction. Nothing fun about dealing with those people. Paul was sent and directed by God. Think about his dealings with others. Should I share his list of hardships?

If you are going to go where God is sending you better appreciate that the people will drive you crazy. They will drive you crazy because they don’t want to go. They will drive you crazy because they think they have a better way. Guess what, God didn’t say I’m sending you because it is easy or because you will always feel like it. He sends you because He wants something done and he knows you can handle it.

Why is it that we think we are better than Paul or Moses or any number of Biblical characters who deal with trials and troubles? Why do we think they walked forward answering their call while we think we have been abandoned or God doesn’t care or we must need to try something new or someplace different?

Seriously people, as I love to point out about John the Baptist, called the greatest by Jesus. He was beheaded. Peter was restored by Jesus only to be told that he would be led to his death by others.

I should probably say most people will drive you crazy. You will have your Joshua and Caleb. You will have your Barnabas and Silas. Give thanks for them. Just don’t sit around wondering why you don’t have more. Don’t lament that no one seems to have your back. If Aaron totally dropped the ball when Moses was on Mount Sinai what do you expect? Celebrate and encourage your Joshua and Caleb’s. Thank God for them. Just don’t expect everyone sent out to buy into the program.

Learn to love people. It is hard and messy and the truth be told at times unpleasant. We have to deal with that.

We also need to respect others. Have you ever thought I could really get something done if I had more people or different people? Sound familiar? If you are where God wants you to be stop wishing for something different and start learning to work with what you have. I know this one first hand.

I remember trying to create the perfect cutting edge hip church that would reach out to the next generation in Jesus name. How could you go wrong with that? Establishing a church for the people who aren’t here with strategies from people who don’t know your people or your situation? What could possibly go wrong?

That would be entitled how to kill a church in 90 days. Well it might have taking a little longer, but still. instead of learning what God had already provided or finding out where God wanted to take us I tried to copy the latest greatest thing. It embarrasses me to type it.

So you first go to God and ask where he wants you to go. You follow that up with an inventory of what He has supplied for the journey. If God gives the direction you don’t wait for when you think you have what you need. You just go.

Our tutoring program is a prime example. We saw a need, kids struggling in school whose parents couldn’t afford help. We got going. We didn’t wait until we had X number of tutors or X number of students. We felt like God called us to do it so we did. We believed God gave us the people to get it done. How many students have we helped? All who have come. People have been restored and God has been glorified. Shouldn’t that be all that matters?

Find out what God is calling you to do and then find out what people you have and act accordingly.

I could go on and on with this one. We have had people called to be here but because of how we have been conditioned to measure success and how we are to look at church they bailed. they went to the place with all of the stuff you are supposed to have. they left to go to the ones following the latest greatest fad. okay. no wonder this is a series about being an unattractional church.

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