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SGtoDC: A Design Break

February 16, 2010

I love awards. I love drawing contests. In the First Grade back at North Lawn Elementary in Neodesha, Kansas we had drawing contests on Fridays. I loved to draw. You could win a coloring book if the class chose your picture. I love a good competition.

I wanted to take a short break from the discussion. Well discussion might be strong since to some it might not seem like I am discussing this with anyone. You should know that a whole lot of stuff goes around in my head before I type anything. It is not pretty but it works for me.

So, this is like halftime or something at the Super Bowl without The Who or U2 or any wardrobe malfunctions. I wanted to take a break and ask for your help.

I was thinking I needed a design. So I am looking for some sketches from you my readers. The winner will receive a T-shirt with their design all professional produced.

What am I looking for? Well surely you know that while I believe we try far too hard to copy and create church I tend to agree and lean towards the missional church movement. If you know what our church is known for in the area you understand but since we are not obsessed with trying to copy some plan or fit into some category I thought we would create a couple of our own.

We are looking for two different icons, take your pick, that will help identify exactly what we have going on here.
As I said you know I lean towards missional but you may have also noticed we don’t really fit. Yes we believe in impacting the community but the way we do church is very traditional. So help us out. Give us a logo/icon that will say exactly what we are, an acquaintance of Missional.

I think this one says it all. We are looking for a mark that says we like being unattractive as a church. I know it sounds counterintuitive but still. We think having it would be really neat.

So get with it. Send us your sketches. If you are nice and they are really good we will even send you a $20 Applebee’s gift card. No kidding. I’d make it Black-eyed Pea but I can’t bare the thought of anyone eating there on my dime.

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