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The Sicilians Guide to Doing Church

February 8, 2010

I am not a Sicilian. I have never played one on TV. I have never been to Sicily though if you want to go you can learn a lot on the internet. In fact I’m not even sure what Sicily is known for. I do remember the Sicilian Pizza at Pizza Hut from back in the 90’s but I’m not sure I was that impressed.

It seems that Sicily is known for the mafia, or at least that is what Wikipedia and maybe a few movies say, but don’t think that this has anything to do with this guide. Can you imagine a guide to church based on the principles of the mob? “Who is getting rubbed out this week?” “How do we get a cut of the local donut shop…” No, this has nothing to do with the mob and in many ways has nothing to do with Sicily, other than the name.

I mean I grew up in Kansas, so very not Sicily. I’m not sure I even knew anyone of Italian descent growing up. The closest we came in the small towns I grew up in was Ragu spaghetti sauce.

No, the only reason this has Sicily in its name is because of a competition. A battle of wits. Let me take it a step further, a classic battle of wits. A Rocky vs. Apollo battle of wits. An Axis vs. Allies battle of wits. An epic battle in the cast of Foreman vs. Ali or Buster Douglas vs. Tyson. Okay so I’m a fight fan and I understand that last one is a stretch.

Anyway, we are talking about an epic confrontation between good and evil, right and wrong, beauty and, well, not so beauty. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Two seconds on YouTube with the key words Sicilian and princess should do the trick.

The reason for the title is the classic Battle of Wits waged between The Dread Pirate Roberts, who of course was Westley, and Vizzini the Sicilian in the movie The Princess Bride. A classic if there ever was one. Now Vizzini is probably no more Sicilian than I, in fact the actor was born in New York City, but the point is that in the movie Vizzini is the Sicilian, and he does believe that he has the wits, the intelligence, and the ability to win the confrontation with Westley.

What transpired in the movie is what inspires me to write this week. That and the fact that so many people are always telling you what you should do when it comes to church. Everyone seems to be an expert, able to figure it all out. Kind of reminds me of this classic battle of wits.

So what does it all mean. Well if I told you right know this would be a very short series on our blog wouldn’t it? I mean if I spilled my thoughts today what would I do with tomorrow or the next day and the next day?

So if all goes well, I will continue tomorrow. That is if the blizzard is less blizzard and more run of the mill snowstorm. No, if all goes well I will add to the discussion tomorrow and you will find who I think is the Westley and Vizzini in this story of church.

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