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Cake…cake…you baked a cake

January 29, 2010

My wife is doing a cake for a baby shower this Sunday, weather permitting. She baked it up last night. If you know anything about cake decorating you know they cut the top off and turn it over to decorate.

So we have all of this white cake in the kitchen that is just going to dry out if no one eats it. Aren’t there laws about wasting cake? I think milk prefers being consumed with the moist, fluffy treat. I mean Captain Crunch is good, but it has nothing on soft, moist, white cake.

And so I am watching white cake dry out, far from my mouth, because it is day 20 of my 21 day fast.

Now a voice in my head has said, “Look how many days you have gone, it is almost over, what is a little cake.”

“Come on Darin it isn’t going to change what has happened or what God has done.”

Can’t do it, but I think it is a struggle that all Christians have. The, “this one is a small sin,” or the “this isn’t going to hurt anyone.” The “I will make it up tomorrow” or “get back on track next week.”

The excuses we use to keep us from the commitments we make. The, “God will understand,” or “God knows my heart.” Well God probably does. We have a heart that lacks commitment and we are showing it by our actions.

I wonder if the church doesn’t just lack commitment today. Too many easy outs, excuses made, instead of doing the hard things. Please, the only reason I’m not eating cake is God convicted ME of all of the times I cop out of commitments with an “I’m sure God understands.”

Make 2010 a year where you keep your commitments. No easy outs. No it will be okay.

Me, I’m just hoping that the cake won’t be dry by Sunday. Now I’ve go to stop thinking about it.

God bless.

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  1. January 29, 2010 4:17 pm

    In South Texas, many people eat pinto beans on dried out chocolate sheet cake. No kidding. If the white cake gets too dry, you might try that…

    Kudos on sticking to your fast. I remember once when a group of us were going to meet together to break a fast. I was preparing crackers and cheese, and I kept having one item left over that would break the symmetry of the plate. (Yeah, now there’s an excuse!) Luckily I was staying with some people that had a dog, so he got several bits of cheese and cracker.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. January 30, 2010 7:58 pm

    Thanks for the tip Tim. I’m hoping it doesn’t get that dry.

    Making a list for tomorrow before I spend some time with God in prayer.

    It has been a good experience. Our next message series will deal with some of these spiritual disciplines so this has been very helpful. Not just, this is a good idea, but this is what it did for me.

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