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21 Days…day 19

January 28, 2010

They are almost up. I am on the home stretch of the Daniel fast that I have been on.

Last night one of our daughters was making a snack of eggs before she went to bed. I walked by and grabbed a pinch thinking that it looked pretty good. I had it in my mouth before I thought to myself, “What are you doing.”

I had to spit it out in the trash and rinse my mouth out. I was thinking, to go so long and then just grab a chunk of egg. If I’m going to break it I want to do it with style with steak and a giant Pepsi or something, not scrambled eggs.

It still makes me wonder. I had steamed asparagus for dinner. I went to the effort to avoid the meal at the church, made the effort to steam asparagus and then. Anyway, I guess I should be glad I didn’t do that before.

Anyway, so what have I learned over these 21 days? Well it really took the first two weeks to get to this last one. So far it has been the best spiritually. The most intense and the most beneficial. While I still occasionally think of grease saturated hamburgers and a bag of chewy Sweet Tarts, it has been easier to focus on God instead of on what I’m not eating.

In fact it has been really great. In many ways my walk this week has reminded me of the walk I was on when I first returned to the church a broken desperate prodigal son. I remember the fire that burned very bright when I first returned. I would have to be in denial to tell you it hasn’t wavered. After 18 years as a follower of Jesus Christ I had lost some of that loving feeling. The passion was not as great.

So if you are going to fast, go long enough that you get past the withdrawals of not having whatever you have given up. Also if you fast and don’t have withdrawals you probably picked something bad to fast from. You are telling yourself you feel no real sacrifice. Giving up facebook and twitter while being inconvenient has not had the same affect as giving up carbonated beverages and everything but vegetables.

The second thing I have learned is make sure you get close to others during that time. I have been able to reach out to others around me in ways that are new and fresh. I have seen my ministry improve to others while I have walked threw this. This has been two fold. First, I have been much clearer in dealing with several situations. My compassion seems at an all time high.

Secondly, while I am not fasting for others it does have an impact on people when they find you will make such sacrifices for the Lord. Yes Jesus says don’t draw attention to yourselves but he didn’t say lie to people about what you are doing. Other Christians will appreciate your love of God and if you do it for 21 days they will really appreciate your zeal.

So, all in all it has been a great experience. How about you? Have you ever fasted? What did God show you?

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  1. February 1, 2010 4:47 am

    Daren, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this … I have fasted … but it’s been a good while, and never for 21 days. This is a needful encouragement.

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