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the Apple iPad has me

January 27, 2010

I think Steve Jobs had me at hello.

I mean I was able to avoid the iPod craze. I have plenty of ways to listen to music and while it was nice, could never see a reason to get another.

I was able to avoid the iPhone. U. S. Cellular had me with the free incoming calls and has for years. Why would I want to change to a carrier I really didn’t want just for a phone? I could find no real reason. Not that interested in following trends and trying to be cool.

Then came the iPad and they finally have me. I mean I am an old graphic design guy. I do all of my design on a Mac, one purchased in the 90’s. I mean I love my Mac but I have avoided buying a newer fancier Mac for years. No need for a notebook. Sure I could work on the go buy if I don’t have to why would I?

It looks beautiful and it hits me in my super sweat spot, books. Watch this video and just tell me you don’t go crazy thinking about how fun it would be to turn the virtual page.

No, I’m saving my pennies and dimes. I hear it comes out March 1. I can’t wait.

You really need to check this out

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