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January 18, 2010

Are we mostly ruled by our flesh? The classic conversation in Romans 7 and 8 deal with the idea of the flesh and Spirit. In chapter 7 Paul laments the power that the flesh tends to have in our lives.

Paul laments that because of his flesh he often does the very things he does not want to. He goes so far as to say he ends up doing the very things that he hates. I think most of us understand where Paul is coming from.

The thing he Paul goes on in Romans to explain a life lived by the Spirit. A life set free from the law of sin and death. Paul goes on to say yes we are helpless against our flesh but we don’t battle alone. God sent his Son to defeat the sin that rules our flesh.

Paul goes on to say that we are in the Spirit since the Holy Spirit lives in us.

So if the Spirit lives within us, why does it seem today that Christians are mostly ruled by the flesh? What do you think? What is the key? Is it that we don’t open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit? Is the fact that our rational brains doubt the Spirit? Does the fact that our culture worships the uniqueness of people come into play?

How do we move the church to a place where the members are ruled by the Spirit? What teaching would you do or ideas would you share to help?


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