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Sugar and Grease

January 14, 2010

Who knew? Who knew after five days that I would miss sugar and grease the most? Five days in and I’m saying this is a very interesting experience. I mentioned that I fasted several years ago but let me just say, that was a three day deal.

So far I have some really good moments. I am focused on reading scripture more. I have been praying and it has been really good. At other times I feel consumed with the thoughts of hamburgers.

I know, I’m a wimp. Last night my wife and I were watching TV and she flipped on the Travel Channel and they were doing the Chowdown Countdown. Boy was that a mistake. I made matters worse because I looked for some of the restaurants on the show to see if they were within driving distance. (Please don’t ask, I know the miles and Google map hours.)

I guess I should be thankful that it took five days to notice I eat a lot of sugar. Of course I tried to deny it but I’m sure I have a greater intake than I care to know. I miss sugar, or should I say my body misses sugar. I increased my coffee intake, not on the band list, and figured that would take care of any caffeine headache that might arise from the non-carbonated beverage part of my fast.

Then I was thinking about fat. That’s right, fat. I can’t help but think of a hamburger with grease just dripping down over the bun. That taste….Please I’m doing it again. Enough said about grease for now.

So, I’m typing this because it is a reminder to me, I did this to focus on God. Get past the sugar and grease and realize that so much in my life IS sugar and grease.

I’m back to my regularly scheduled time with God. Eating these tomatoes (have I told you how much I love tomatoes?) and taking time to pray and to be thankful that Jesus is the bread of life.

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