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A letter received

January 4, 2010

Dear New Heights Church,

I wanted to thank you for the support I have received while I have been coming here. I am not sure if you are aware but when I started coming here I was at one of the lowest points in my life and you welcomed me with open arms. I felt as if I had been coming here forever and felt as if I was included in your large family. I have received financial support with the help of my father’s funeral and burial expenses which have meant so much to me and have given me some peace of mind, you have also given me the opportunity to learn about God and how people who are believers can make such a difference in a person’s life. You have been there for me to lean on during these difficult times and have made such a difference in my life and again I want to thank you for this. I hope that I can spend time getting to know you better during the New Year and will learn what I need to be a good Christian so I can help others the way you have helped me.

Thank you

A letter we received to start the New Year. Sounds like what His Kingdom is to be about on this earth.

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