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So You Don’t Want to Grow?

December 29, 2009

Why is it that when you say we don’t want to do it that way people think it means you don’t want to grow? My understanding of grow is see people added to God’s kingdom. I definitely want to see people added to God’s kingdom.

Why do people assume because we won’t follow after the latest trend or that we no longer follow a trend that everyone else does that it automatically means we are satisfied with small? Help me out because I just don’t understand.

How much of the supposed growth is actually growth and not just people changing their church address? If when we talk about growth we mean God’s kingdom that is.

In reality it is hard to know if some of the growing churches are actually growing that much, if by growth we mean lost people being found. David Fitch relates some experiences where the new hip church sactually cripple other established gatherings by taking members. He tells of his experience watching as the hip church actually takes over the previously established church they had crippled. They simply rebranded it and called it their own. In the end the growth came from a name change. Great growth if you mean more numbers but I’m not sure it is great growth if you mean those far from God drawing closer.

So to any who may wonder, we at New Heights Church want to grow. We want to see lost people found. We want to celebrate with the angels in heaven we’re just not as sure they get pumped up about already Christians trying the next cool and hip trend.

So if you think we need a totally cool and rad youth center, or the latest videogame virtual reality set up, just know that if it helps people see Jesus more clearly we will work towards it. But also know that if it doesn’t, don’t be surprised to find we don’t think we need it at all.

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