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‘Tis The Season, part 3

December 2, 2009

To just lie. To make stuff up and try to pass it off as truth. To go find good hearted Christians who want to love people and tell them incredible stories of fiction in an attempt to get what you want.

Call me Scrooge or skeptic but some of the stories I get around the holidays are crazy and colorful and often times based on fantasy without one shred of factual truth.

Do people not understand that you can look this information up? Do they not know you can make a few phone calls to verify if something is true? Because of the holidays people seem emboldened to ask churches for everything.

Come on people. Scrooge helped out Tiny Tim but that was because he had been doing his dad wrong for years. No where in the story do we see Scrooge dumping money into the hands of con artists and crooks to get their Christmas goose.

Too many Christians feel some obligation to help people who don’t really need help during Christmas. Helping people continue in their con artists ways is not help. Christians should have no problem saying no in these situations. Giving people hand outs is often not help.

So this Christmas allow your conscious a break when the con artists come looking for a hand out. Point them to the door because Jesus would. Save your money for people who are really in need. People who are working hard but having trouble making ends meet, people who are disabled or seniors on a fixed income.

Because I guarantee you are going to hear some stories. They often start with one of your members told me you could help or the church across town said you do. Don’t just believe them. It may be more likely that they are making stuff up and passing it off as truth.

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