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‘Tis The Season, part 2

December 1, 2009

To help the economy. When did it become the obligation of the church to spur economic growth in America? When did it become the Christians job to insure that the stores see an increase in sells at Christmas?

How did that happen? When did people become so consumed with the Friday after Thanksgiving that they forgot what the day before was all about? Thankful for what you already have.

Christmas has just about driven me crazy. Gifts and more gifts. Pressure and more pressure to make sure you get something for everyone.

Why do Christians feel such an obligation?

I have been studying the kingdom of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament recently. I have been reading about what other nations said about Israel during this time and the archaeological record from the period. The information shows that Israel was often economically strongest during the reign of Kings who did not follow God. The Assyrian’s have nothing but praise for King Ahab and his power.

My point?
We seem to equate economic success with God and yet we don’t realize that the Bible shows anything but so Christmas rolls around and instead of saying maybe we don’t need more or maybe we should give more we think we need to help the economy grow. What if that message is the last message people need to hear at Christmas?

What if this obsession with stuff keeps people from looking to Jesus for all they need? What if we use this notion of helping our country to hide our gluttony and covetous heart?

No, if Christmas is about Christ we should feel no obligation to buy more stuff. If the Savior can be born in a barn we can do with a lot less.

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