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That Jesus is Out of His Mind

October 26, 2009

“Behold, I am the slave of the Master.” Mary’s words after being informed by Gabriel that she will give birth to the King.

Most translations do not use the word slave and yet that is what the Greek word means. Mary informs the angel that she is totally under the authority of her Master.

At one point in my life I used to think that maybe Mary forgot this promise when she was older. Maybe that is why she thought Jesus was out of His mind. To be fair the text doesn’t really say this happened but many scholars link the words in Mark 3:21 and the actions of Jesus’ brothers and mother as recorded later in Mark 3:31-35.

As I read Michael Card’s book A better Freedom I began to think that maybe the problem wasn’t that Mary had forgotten the promise made. In fact maybe it was the promise that fueled her attempts to take Jesus home. Maybe she thought Jesus had to be mad since the angel said he would be called great and would reign over the house of Jacob forever.

Could it have been that she viewed His ministry as a failure? Could it be that she came to get him back on track? “Jesus stop antagonizing the Jewish leaders, you’re going to need their support when you establish your Kingdom?”

No, I started to see her actions differently. I think many of us want to do the same today. How many times do you see people equate Jesus with power? Power over the economy? Jesus make me rich. Power over possessions? Jesus give me the nice things that I want.

She forgot that she acknowledged that she was a slave. That she was owned by God for His purpose and His will. She forgot that Jesus was the Master. He gets to do what he believes is best. It must have shocked her to see her son, born in such a miraculous way, living as a servant to all. Taking time for the poor and needy. Spending his days with the undesirable. It must have shocked her that this miracle baby, called to be King, wasn’t building an army and making connections with those in power.

No, I think she went to get Him because she didn’t understand our servant King. How many of us still don’t follow today for the same reasons? How many don’t truly follow because of the places we are asked to go and the things we are expected to do?

How many of us think Jesus is crazy….

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