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Part 2: God is so big He makes me tingle.

September 8, 2009

Bet you never thought you would read a headline like that. I want to continue with my thoughts on how we view God. We say God is big and we tell people God is big but I’m not sure we treat or expect God to be very big. I just think at times we expect very little from a God we say is so large. I think we don’t ask for much or we attribute some pretty small events to His name.

One of those is our emotional feelings. We often tell people the greatest thing God has done is moved us to an emotional experience. God really worked in a powerful way means we really personally felt something. Well I’ve got to be honest with you, Susan Boyle managed that trick as did Kevin Skinner more recently. I was absolutely touched by their performances on the respective talent shows, and yet surely no one is calling them deity?

Now before you get upset know that I’m not saying God doesn’t move people or the Spirit doesn’t act today on individuals, I’m just saying when did that become the measure of God being big? When did that become what we point to as the greatest expectation we could have of God acting in our lives?

How did something very individualized become the measure of God doing something big?

Maybe that is the problem. We think God does something big when He does it for us. Yet when you look at God moving in powerful ways in the Bible many times it was for a group of people instead of one. God didn’t part the Red Sea so one person could be ushered across, he parted the sea so that a nation of people could find safety.

Maybe we don’t see God doing big things because we only expect him to do something for us. Maybe we don’t see great things because we only ask him to overcome our own personal problems, not those on a larger scale. Maybe because we only focus on self we fail to see the bigger possibilities. When God fed 5,000 we are told that this number didn’t even include women and children. Let’s face it, in our culture if the women and children had found out that they were not added to the number we would have a mess on our hand. The act would have been branded sexist, are you saying children don’t matter…

No, maybe we don’t see God doing big things because we have a very small worldview, the one that is limited to self.

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