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Part 1: God is Big?

September 3, 2009

Really. God is big. Is that what you think? Is that what you tell people? Is that what Christians convey to others? Do we want people to know that God is big?

No. Well if that is the answer than at least that explains some things. I mean the guy who spoke the world into existence really isn’t that large. The God who ordained a place and time for His son to die and managed to do that in a world where He allows freewill? Not really much size to that. Maybe we really don’t think God is that big? That would certainly explain a lot.

Maybe you are someone reading this and you think, “No, I REALLY do think my God is BIG!” Maybe you even threw in a long line of exclamation points in your mind to make your point. Well, that would probably be pretty appropriate. We show people are God is big because we throw out a lot of exclamation points.

I remember reading and listening to sermons where people said you should have some goal that is so big that only God could do it. Unfortunately I have heard that sermon preached about basketball gyms and new and improved sanctuaries. I mean really. Jerry Jones just finished construction on a new football stadium that cost $1.15 billion. It is pretty big from what I have heard. I mean even the video boards are big. I guess it was so big that only God could do it…

God is so big that He helped us raise money to build a gym? Is that really what we want to tell the world? He breathed life into man and by the way he helped us upgrade to a hardwood floor? I have been to fitness clubs with nicer gyms than churches I have played basketball in. What does that say about the size of God? Gold’s Gym is stronger? Bigger?

I think we are far more comfortable saying than expecting or if we are truthful even hoping that He will do. No, if God did something really big it might require us to start living for something bigger than ourselves. It might require that our schedules not revolve around what WE wanted to do.

During my fifth grade year at school there was one particular boy who always told us how smart he was. He always told us he did well on the tests. He always assured us that he was a genius. He often scoffed when we struggled in class. That was why it was so surprising when the teacher one day asked why he hadn’t been doing his homework. I remember seeing that he had to take summer school that year and I realized all he really ever did was talk.

Sounds a lot like the church saying we believe our God is BIG.

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