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Thinking About Self

June 4, 2009

How much time do you spend thinking about yourself? We live in a culture that encourages self thought. We also spend a lot of time thinking about our emotions. The belief seems to be that if we focus on them enough we can fix them enough or make them right so that we will enjoy life.

This attitude has invaded the church. People rate a church by how it makes them feel. They rate the experience by what it does for them and recommend it to others based on what it can do for them.

The Narcissism Epidemic takes aim at this false belief head on. Take a look at this quote.

“We believe that it would be better for everyone not to concentrate on self-feelings – positive or negative – quite so much. Instead, focus on life: your relationships with others, your work, or the beauty of the natural world. Think about the deepest joy you experience in life – it doesn’t typically come from thinking about how great you are. Instead it comes from connecting with the world and getting away from yourself, as when you enjoy time with friends, family, and children, are engaged at work, or do all-absorbing tasks such as art, writing, crafts, athletics, or helping others.”

What has the churches answer been to self absorption? Have we explained to people the truth that the writers of this book understand? Or have we pandered to this belief system by attempting to satisfy every self focused idea that comes along? Have we interviewed the self focused to learn what they want only to make the church an extension of their self focus instead of teaching them to focus on others and Christ?

I think you know my opinion on this. What is yours?

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