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A Better Understanding

May 21, 2009

I live with a certain amount of tension between our mission as a church to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community and making sure our building doesn’t fall down around us.

60s_retro_sunburst_clockWe have been looking at updating our ladies restroom downstairs. It has a decidedly 1966 feel to it. The light fixtures would look really good in my Grandma’s old house along side her starburst clock and well used dinette set.

What I came to understand is that we budget for our community impact ministries. We set aside a large percentage of offerings to make sure we can do what needs to be done. We are expanding our ministry and working on an ESL program for the fall. We are seeking volunteers to expand our tutoring to after-schools and we are going to move the work internationally. Our budget is built around being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Because of that I shouldn’t worry about $300 for new bathroom fixtures and some better colors, who knew wood paneling wasn’t in fashion any longer. No, I shouldn’t worry because our budget is built around our values. If we have extra money it isn’t wrong to put in new carpeting or update our restrooms. The money is already there to impact the community. We aren’t taking money from community ministry to fix the bathroom, that money has already been set aside.

This has helped me a lot and it has helped my interaction with others. I think they feel a little guilty at times when they ask about fixing something or making it better because they know my focus is on the community.

I have a much better attitude about work around the building because I know we aren’t jeopardizing the dental truck that comes in August or the job skills training that some receive. In fact I’m downright excited about getting that bathroom worked on though I may try to get the light fixtures for myself.

I have heard it said that the checkbook shows an individual’s priorities. I think it is the same for a church and as long as ours continues to show that our priority is the community, does anyone have a color suggestion on carpet?

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