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Our Current Message Series

May 4, 2009

Inspired by Leave it to Beaver on TV Land.

This past Sunday we looked at Mark 1:14-15 and talked about the Kingdom of God and the need for repentance and belief. We used the above clips to illustrate that people often misunderstand who God is and what he is trying to do.

We looked at the Parable of the Wedding Feast recorded in Matthew 22:1-14 and talked about how Jesus viewed the kingdom. We discussed the invitation, the act of treason within the rejection, the fact that good and bad were called and the reality that some were lost.

We finished up talking about sin. I shared a study done by Dan Ariely and recorded in Predictably Irrational, I told you I loved the book.

Ariely took three different classes that he taught and took three different approaches towards how they turned in course work. He allowed the first class to establish the due dates for the papers themselves. He told them that they would lose percentage points for the papers each day they were late. One of the students suggested that the best way would be to make the last day of class the due date for all papers. Then you could turn your papers in early without any possibility of losing grade points.

Ariely also offered the students a chart that had the due dates spread throughout the semester. They could choose the due dates but this could give them some guidance.

For another class he gave them no due dates, simply said make sure you have the papers turned in by the end of class. For the other he gave them the due dates spaced throughout the semester with the same threat of losing grade points for late work.

Which class do you think did the best?

The class that was given due dates throughout the semester did far better than either of the other classes. The class that was at the bottom? You guessed it, the one with no due dates. In the book he shared that we need something externally to hold us accountable to do our best.

I thought this made a good point about how we view God and his commands.

We used this to illustrate that God warns us about sin, tells us about consequences, as a way to protect us from sin. I challenged the church to see God differently with the warnings we receive. We talked about making plans to protect ourselves from sin. Setting tangible goals if we struggle and fleeing from evil.

It was a good Sunday because at times people see God just like the Beaver saw his teacher. We automatically assume the worst. In the episode Beaver spends all of his time avoiding giving the note to his parents, going so far as to run away. He has Wally type a reply for his parents even though he didn’t even know what the letter said.

It was a good day to remind people of the Kingdom we have been invited to and sin that so easily ensnares.

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