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April 27, 2009

The Christian faith is a way of living. Following Jesus requires everything. Living in His Kingdom means we embrace the Kingdom purpose and character.

Does it seem to you that at times people view the Kingdom more in the context of rules and rituals than actual lifestyle?

You can help me out on this one. Would you say that the majority of people see the Christian faith as rules and rituals or as lifestyle? You may be thinking, well we have to have rituals and rules for a lifestyle. Okay you’ve got me on that one, but would you agree that you can have rules and rituals and keep them without lifestyle?

I’m typing that and I’m saying, probably not, and yet when I say rules I mean just a few select ones like going to church or not beating your dog or something like that. Plenty of other rules are ignored because to follow them would impact your lifestyle.

What are your thoughts? It just seems that in American Christianity we have created a ritual and short rule list religion that doesn’t seem to embrace lifestyle. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m hyper critical. What do you think?

I just wonder if churches struggle with the discipleship issue not because they are doing something inherently wrong but instead because people don’t think about being disciples, they think about a short list of rules and rituals.

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