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We have Digressed

March 31, 2009

The church in America has become satisfied with all of the same things that many first century Jews were satisfied with. They had the name and the promise and they had been through the right ceremonies. They showed up at the right places at the right time and everything was good.

It seems to me that the church in America has become satisfied with this.

It was into this world that Jesus stepped and called people from such a name only belief system. He called people to forsake everything for His cause. He challenged people to surrender all. Paul entered this world and said that he considered all of it rubbish in comparison to knowing Jesus. There is something there. We have become satisfied with Jesus rituals in place of dying to self.

We have taken this man and this movement and watered it down to nothing more than a first century Pharisaic one. Sure we know the facts, they did too, sure we have the right observances, they had many more and yet Jesus said your hearts are far from me.

I have been reading the book Not the Religious Type this week. Dave Schmelzer the author has some great thoughts about what it means to be a Christian today. I want to share some of them because I think the challenge today is not getting people to say they believe, no, the challenge is getting people to understand what they believe in.


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