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Second Place

March 20, 2009

This is a continuation of some earlier thoughts.

I love March Madness. I spent two days last week with family at the Big 12 tournament. Those cheap tickets were just too much for me to say no. march-madness-on-demand

I have not been at the office as much these past two weeks in part because of basketball. For several years I went to the National Juco Tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas. I enjoyed watching future Division I players. I had a chance to see many great coaches from Bobby Knight to Roy Williams at the tournament games.

I’m a Big 12 guy. Yesterday I pulled for all of the Big 12 teams. I also rooted against some of the other conferences. I love it when any of the other big conferences get a loss. It makes the Big 12 look better.

Beyond that I pull for upsets, as long as no Big 12 school is involved. Now, in the end I am always rooting for Kansas. A Kansan born and bread, the Jayhawks are my team.

Which brings us to second place, and third place, and so on. You see I have my rooting hierarchy. Always KU, then the Big 12 and finally underdogs as long as they are not playing Kansas or the Big 12.

I love basketball, It is my favorite sport, but where does it fit on the list? It exists because without it I wouldn’t even watch the games. But guess what, it is actually very far down the list whether I realize it or not.

I wonder if Jesus doesn’t end up the same way. Sure Jesus brings us together but who do I pull for? My church first, then my denomination? Do I root against the big church down the street, do I pull for the underdog? Do I want my style of church to win?

In the entire discussion where does Jesus end up? Second place? Third? Last?

I wonder if the Christian community hasn’t become like my hierarchy of basketball. Sure we need basketball or March Madness wouldn’t exist, but how often do we simply celebrate basketball?

Easter is coming, a great time to celebrate why we have teams – church, leagues – affiliation, and Cinderella’s – anyone who can make the big church down the road look bad.

God help us to just love Jesus.

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