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I know this is going to sound charismatic…

March 9, 2009

He said he was a good Baptist, been one all of his life, but he needed to tell us something, but he knew how it was going to sound. So he prefaced his comments by letting us know that this was going to sound charismatic.

Why do we do that? Why do we create such distinctions that don’t exist? Why not just tell the story and let it be what it is, a powerful testimony to God working in the world?

At New Heights Church we often struggle with this. We see no reason to define ourselves in such a way. People want to put our church in some kind of category and we won’t let them.

Why have we done this? Why have we used such ideas to divide Christ’s church? Why do we keep doing it?

As a church we face so much pressure to put ourselves into one box or another. People come and they want us to, they tell us it would be better. It is moments like this that remind me why we can’t.

japanese20writing1The man told us of an experience he had while doing business in Japan. He was in a meeting where everyone was speaking Japanese. He was given the ability through the Holy Spirit to understand what was being said. He was able to follow the conversation, look at the notes that he needed, and he was able to respond in an appropriate manner. So much so that they asked him if he spoke Japanese.

It was a powerful movement of the Spirit and yet it had to be prefaced with “I know this is going to sound charismatic.”

That makes me sad. I will tell you that all believers experience this. They see the Spirit do miracles, they receive insight, gifts and wisdom all of the time, but because it sounds to “charismatic” they either don’t appreciate it or they don’t share it like they should.

I pray that the day comes where all of us understand we are charismatic. We are filled with the Holy Spirit of God that works in powerful ways. A gift of tongue, you bet, prophecy, I hope so, instead of trying to limit or hinder everything because it sounds to much like I am one of “them.”

Understand I’m not complaining about the man, he is a faithful servant of God. No, I’m complaining about a Christian culture that makes a person think he must first explain…I know this is going to sound charismatic.

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  1. March 10, 2009 12:24 am

    dang….i do that…

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