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Decline, Progress and Opportunity?

February 25, 2009

Which do you see? Would you agree that the world is in decline? Would you claim we are progressing? Does it matter?

Now for a bigger question, what about opportunity? Do you see opportunity? If you see opportunity do you view the world progressing or declining?

I just wonder.

You ask, ‘how would I answer the question.’ Fair enough. I would not define our current situation as either decline or progress but simply as opportunity.

Years ago the company I worked for invited us all to a 401K seminar put on by the Principal Group. They brought us in for a nice brunch with fruit and bagels with a splash of orange juice. They pulled up the charts and walked through all of the reasons to invest in a 401K.

If you have been through a similar event you know what they said. Always put money in no matter what. If the market is down you get more bang for the buck. If the market is up the money you put in has a greater chance of increasing. What they basically said is that good times or bad don’t matter, what you do with them does.

Why don’t we see it the same way? Are our cultural values sliding? I have trouble watching TV without thinking they have. Can we deliver more information than ever to more people at a cheaper cost? I think so. So the decline of morals is impacted by the ability to share this decline and to point to an alternative way, progress.

Do you see opportunity in the world you live in? Please tell me you do. I know of far too many Christians with a bunker mentality. They seem in full retreat. They shudder at the Presidents words.

They church has no reason to back down. I’m not talking about militant protests. I’m talking about being the hands and feet of Jesus. We are planning on rolling out our English as a second language class in the fall. WE are working to move our tutoring to an after-school program.

None of this can be stopped by our culture and its decline. Why do we not see opportunities?

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