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It’s Coming

February 9, 2009

What will people do when they have no job? What will they do when they can’t find a new one? In our neck of the woods it is starting to show. The calls are on the rise. The needs are there.

What plan does your church have in place when members lose their jobs? What type of savings can your members turn to? These are very good questions to be asking right now.

Do you have job skills training? Are you looking at what industries are still hiring in your area?

Jesus didn’t separate physical and spiritual. He often called for healing by telling the person their sins were forgiven.

What are your plans when people become bitter? What do we do when they ask about God’s presence in the situation?

Do you have a plan because you need one. You need to sit down and look at your resources and those of your community. How can you share the gospel in these circumstances?

I think that this may be a time for more strings when it comes to aid, more expectations placed on those who we assist.

Please share what your church is doing to prepare for what could be hard times for members and the community.

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