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Most Likely to Succeed

February 7, 2009

Or how about “Most Popular?”

Do you think Jesus was ever voted either of those? I know, you’re saying they didn’t have those awards and certainly no yearbook with Jesus and the swim team walking on water.

Some of you may be thinking that since he was rejected in his own hometown of Nazareth people probably didn’t think a whole lot about him. You are probably right. No homecoming king, just King of Kings, and no votes for most popular.

What is my point? Well why is it that we think that if we act like Jesus, reflect his image, that people will think highly of us? Want to be a part of what we are doing? Just naturally want to become Christians?

What do you think? Is this true?

Do we believe that if we do the things that Jesus did, help those in need and love those who feel no love, do we naturally assume that people will find that attractive and noteworthy? Do we naturally assume people will want to join our happy little band?

Because if you ask me history doesn’t necessarily show that. Sure the early church grew and a part of that can be traced to how they loved those around them but if you actually notice it is peoples need for salvation that drives conversations. That big questions like what happens when I die seem front and center.

I don’t know, Maybe I’m wrong, what do you think? I think that we believe if we live like Jesus people will naturally respond. Well Jesus lived like Jesus and people wanted him dead. People ran around trying to trick him and expose him and when it came down to it they all asked that he be put on a cross with nails driven through his hands. “Most popular”? I don’t think they considered his actions success.

Do we have false expectations of what will happen if we live like Jesus? Do these false expectations lead us away from truly following His example?


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