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Under Construction

February 4, 2009

under_construction1The fact of the matter is the early church was under construction. It was developing and adjusting. It was learning what it meant to be the Kingdom of God on earth. What it meant to take the good news to the entire world. What it meant to be a Christ-follower after the curtain of the temple had been torn. What it meant to be a child of God after Jesus had entered the Heavenly tabernacle interceding on our behalf as our High Priest.

They didn’t get there by finding and following a formula. They got there by working together with the risen Savior as the center and an idea to love God and love their neighbor. There was no formula beyond the ethics of God and the need for justice. How could they look to the New Testament for instructions on how to do anything since it hadn’t yet been documented and collated?

I am concerned when people go back into the Bible looking for justification for any number of practices. Maybe you can tell this has been on my mind of late.

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