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Boomtown Book One: Changs Famous Fireworks Factory

January 28, 2009

boomtownI ran into this book by accident the other day in Mardel’s. I liked the cover artwork so I picked it up for a look. The first paragraph of the first chapter had me hooked.

This is the book description. I recommend it. We are having a blast reading it together as a family.

Welcome to Boomtown, the home of Chang’s Famous Fireworks Factory! It’s appropriate that in Boomtown, everyone’s favorite thing to do is to blow things up. Just make sure you stay away from the chickens, though. In this humorous mystery and adventure story, you’ll see miracles, explosions, escapes, and you’ll meet the strangest collection of characters you’ve ever seen! Boomtown is a tall tale of a fictional town that’s the home of not only Chang’s Famous Fireworks factory, but also the Slush Olympics, the “Fighting Slugs” football team, rocket reindeer, and flying barber chairs. But underneath all the humor, Boomtown asks and answers the more serious question, “What does a healthy community look like?” as you see how these odd residents struggle to learn to trust their neighbors. Filled with action, adventure and over 85 drawings and maps, young readers, especially boys, will be inspired to love reading. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

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