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Passing it On

January 15, 2009

We have got to break the cycle of, “think about my needs” in the church. It shouldn’t surprise us that it exists, it always has. What surprises me is the fact that those who should know better seem disinterested in doing anything about it.

We seriously need a generation to come along and say, “how can I impact those to come?” instead of saying it is my turn and now I get what I want. I have watched it happen with worship and I am seeing it happen with ministry. The church can not afford to continue this cycle.

When Paul wrote to Titus he instructed the older men and women to be holy in their lives but he also told them to teach those who were younger. That is something we desperately need in the church.

Now I want you to understand that this didn’t happen simply because the older generation neglected their duty. Our culture conditions the younger generation to think they know better than the older one, that they are superior. No, for this to happen the younger generation today must humble themselves and the older one must attempt to reconnect.

In the end several steps are necessary to reclaim the biblical mandate to pass it on.

First, we have to be intentional. I have heard too many people say they will get their shot when they get control. That cycle must end. It is the older ones who should be going to the young and asking about their songs and their experiences. The youth shouldn’t be demanding it because those with deeper faith should offer.

Second, we need repentance. Young people have to stop acting like they know everything. It just isn’t true.

Finally, we need to stop dividing up the church. While we will never totally eradicate this problem we can help by setting up more opportunities for each generation to meet. Too many events for the youth or the golden agers but not enough where both come into close contact. Why not have the youth set up a banquet to honor their elders? Why not have the elders set up one for the youth?

In the end we need people willing to pass on their faith. We need to stop competing for things my way and start ensuring we pass on the faith. Will you be a part of the generation hat says enough?

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