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Losing Your Passion

January 7, 2009

How easy is it? Has it ever happened to you?

I was watching Paul Potts recently sing and I thought about passion. I had to go back and watch his original song for Britain’s Got Talent. It still has the same powerful effect today as it did when I first watched it on YouTube. I must be honest, I listened to him singing the same song and while it was good, probably technically better, it lacked any emotional connection.

So what happened? Did the song get old to Paul or did the raw nature of the original help? Was it jus his desire or was it something else?

Is there a way to get it back? How about you? What about your Christian faith? Passion or passionless? The same movements and songs but something missing?

What can be done? I often like to return to where I came from. I like to remember what it was like to be lost.

I also like to remind myself about others. They still need Jesus as much as the first day I was saved.

I also make myself get motivated. I have discovered that passion doesn’t just come, I have to focus and nurture it.

There have been days when I didn’t want to minister that started with me going threw the motions that have ended in powerful spiritual moments. I have to press through if I hope to get back the passion.

How about you, what do you do when you feel your zeal waning?

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  1. January 9, 2009 5:11 am

    I tend to do that which I am lacking on this matter. When I feel as if I am losing passion or just going through the motions, I tend to go to blogs and find others in the same position at the same time. I then try to encourage them with a quick comment or scripture verse. Then, I take my own advice and use these comments to speak to me where I am at. I actually learned to do this when Steven Furtick commented on my blog in a similar way, only to read his blog the next day and see that he was in need of encouragement and offered his touch to others.

    I tend to go all-out on a project or a ministry and once it’s done I’m pretty much beat. So, for 2009 I am going to pace myself better and try to adopt better time management skills to avoid this mini-burnout.

    Hope you are well and Happy New Year!

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