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Charter for Compassion part 2

December 2, 2008

If you have not read or searched the site you may wonder what the goal is. Well they want to establish a world religion based on the golden rule. Since most religions have that as a key component, why not unite on that and avoid all of the areas of disagreement.

My first point was that the disagreement isn’t about whether that is a good idea but where that originated from. I would agree that this world needs no hostility and I would add that it shouldn’t be viewed as a competition, but in the end the question still remains, why is that rule universal and will we honor who made that rule the rule?

But that isn’t the only thing I see them missing. You see another assumption that they seem to make is that we have conflicts and killings and anger because of the areas of disagreement. Stop focusing on those and everything will be great.

Their idea seems to be focus on a pure doctrine and all will be right in the world. globe_hands1Well take if from the Christian community, that isn’t going to work any time soon. The idea that the doctrine causes the problem has been around for a long time. I was raised in a group that thought that way. If we fix the doctrine and have it just right everything will be great. The problem is that isn’t the problem.

Just as many bad things have been done by those without belief as those that claim some. For every building blown up by a religious fanatic people have been pulled from their home and killed. For every airplane flown a gas chamber was constructed.

No, in each of these scenarios bad things happened but one was done by the religious and other by those with none.

The problem is people. The solution is not getting us to agree on being nice as best we can. The solution is getting us to understand we are the problem, to get us to recognize that brokenness, called sin, and to recognize where repair comes from.

Unfortunately to often Christians think it is about competition. My religion is better than yours. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It isn’t my religion is better, it is God is the creator and Jesus is His Son. If you don’t agree that is your choice, it is about what is true.

As a Christian I believe we are all broken. We all do bad things. We all behave at times in ways that are not right or good or healthy. I believe this because I believe God is real and Jesus is His Son. I don’t think the answer is getting people to agree to being nice, I think the answer is getting people to understand we usually aren’t.

Now it doesn’t end there. As a believer I also understand that God is working redemption in my life. I can and am being changed. I do live better than before but that isn’t because I focus on being nice. It actually comes because I focus on being broken.

It comes because I understand we will never get it right until Jesus comes and redeems everything. It comes because I rest in that hope.

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