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November 5, 2008

Our culture seems totally inundated with an entitlement mentality. What do you think?

Often times we are quick to point our finger at the usual suspect but let’s be honest, it is much more then the usual suspects. The idea that I am owed permeates every sector of our culture.

We expect to vote when we want to vote. The Election Day used to be an actual day you had to wait and vote on. Now people mail in their ballots and here locally they actually had another day that you could vote on. Why? To make it more convenient. We are entitled you know.

We are entitled you know. We program our own radio stations through the internet. We never have to worry about having a song we don’t like, we are entitled to that don’t you think? No more songs that we don’t like.

Television? We will watch it when we want on our times when it works for us. We are entitled don’t you know?

No, we live in a culture consumed with entitlements.

Is the church of today any different?

I think the church has to walk a fine line between being culturally relevant while not encouraging the entitlement mindset.

Jesus called for sacrifice. He said take up your cross. What Christians really entitled to?


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