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Election Day

November 4, 2008

The Kingdom of Israel divided rather quickly as recorded in the Old Testament. It wasn’t long before Rehoboam was taking bad advice. The history certainly is a mess but one thing is also certain, God was able to work his plan through such rejection and hate.

In the book The Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark he says that there were around 25,000 Christians in AD 100. By 310 AD the number is recorded as 20,000,000. That is quite an increase. This all took place during a time when Christians had no say in government and in fact had one that often was hostile to the cause.

Someone I highly respect recently said that abortion was the issue they just couldn’t get past to vote for one of the candidates. I totally agree, but what happens when the other candidate has issues that you can’t get past? If one issue disqualifies one why isn’t the same standard applied to the other?

I have been told that not voting is like voting for the other and I understand that logic. I don’t think we also connect with voting for the other also means that you are saying you support everything he stands for.

How is that any better? Rehoboam’s blunder couldn’t halt God. Why do we think that isn’t still true?

Christianity grew with no one sympathetic in office. Why can’t it still?

Do we even think about why abortion was illegal to begin with? Do we think about why sexual values changed in the world to begin with?

Was it because God’s Kingdom depended on the state to change them? No, it was because believers stepped up and did something and by their actions the world changed.

All the values we want so badly to get back to came about not because of government but because of God’s Kingdom doing what the Kingdom should do, being salt and light.

When will we figure out it is the same today. If we invested the same amount of effort and money with regards to the orphan, the widow and the poor, who knows, maybe we wouldn’t need to vote for someone with issues we can’t agree with. Maybe they would instead vote for us and a movement of 25,000 could again grow to 20,000,000.

When will we say enough is enough and start being the kingdom in this world? A kingdom not impacted or slowed down by any form of government?

Paul informs Timothy to pray for government not to try to change it but so that they won’t bother the movement (1 Timothy 2:1,2). If only we would live that way today.

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  1. Jason Harris permalink
    November 4, 2008 11:53 pm

    Right on!

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