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We Think We Are God

October 22, 2008

I hear it all of the time. I struggle with it constantly. I am reminded of my blind spot daily. I think I am deity, that my way of seeing things is the only way, the best way, the most right way.

I pray that I understand I am not deity. I am not God.

When we look at something from our point of view and expect everyone to agree we think we are God. When we measure someone’s understanding by what we understand we think we are all knowing.

My greatest daily struggle is remembering my place in the big picture.

Let me tell you a secret. I know when others do it but am usually blind to my own short coming. Why? Because don’t I desire what God desires? Well don’t I?

What do you mean, not always? What do you mean when you say not entirely?

Thank you God for reminding me I’m not you. I don’t see everything. Sure I want to impact the world and that is important but so is worship, community building, and education.

What will happen if we all bring our passions together knowing we need each other to truly be the body of Christ? Maybe then we would reflect God? Not when we do it most like I want to?

We…I think I’m God…way to often. Help me to remember the story isn’t about me.

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