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October 13, 2008

My son came to me last night to ask about a song he was listening to on hs MP3 player. It was a tune by Switchfoot called Loser. The line that caught his attention was “I’ve got a plan to lose it all.” He wanted to know what it meant. He said the song really stuck with him and he needed to know what they were trying to say.

Well I just started reading the book Just Courage by Gary A. Haugen so I read to him from the first chapter.

We then discussed Jesus instruction that to gain your life you must lose it. Well after we talked some more he began to tell me that he wished that someone would do something in his 5th and 6th grade class.

I asked him to tell me what he was waiting for. I told him that if we wait for someone else to do something we may be waiting a long time. If we have the calling and the burden we need to get busy. Well I have been working with him on a logo and I have had him ask around to find ministries with needs.

How about you, do you have any ideas for my son as he works to impact the world?

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