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Dark Times?

October 10, 2008

Really? Are they really dark times? Tough times? Are they really tough times? I was at a fundraising banquet recently and you can guess that this was a part of the discussion.

What do you think? It seems to me that the church has become far to entwined with the world. I mean I believe for the kingdom of this earth the times may seem dire but I’m not sure they should for God’s kingdom. As the speaker for the evening said, God was certainly not caught off guard by what has taken place.

We as the church should see opportunity. When people are unsure about the future they tend to look for answers. When what seemed like a lock is no more people start to think. No the church should be in a prime position to be salt and light and yet how many people are saying that? How many are calling for the church to push out, get louder in these times of need?

We should be. Should we run around worrying bout our earthly finances? Be smart sure but didn’t Jesus tell us where we should put our treasures? If I am living to store them in an eternal place should all that is happening matter?

Remember no political system is bigger than our God, no financial situation. Instead of worrying about our 401k shouldn’t we be worrying about those who ultimately have no security for this life and the one beyond?

No, for the church these shouldn’t be dark times, they should be the brightest we have seen. Will you be light?

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