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October 7, 2008

We have a free range tree that has sprouted beside our home. Maybe it was a bad idea to let it grow but I thought it would be cheaper then buying one from a nursery. Anyway, someone told me that I needed to prune the tree if I wanted to have a nice one. They said you had to shape it and remove branches or it wouldn’t be strong or healthy.

I wonder if we have lost this in the church today. The ability to prune. Have you ever sat in a meeting when the discussion of retention comes up? Someone who was coming isn’t any longer? A newly baptized believer has gone missing? Have you sat around and formulated plans to keep this from happening? What if it is pruning?

Could the church today use some pruning? What if the branches we retain because we don’t want to lose any are actually keeping the church from having really healthy growth? No, I think we should be open to pruning more than we are. Have you ever sat in a meeting where you discussed how to remove dead weight or did you spend the time trying to figure out how to keep it?

No, I think the church might be surprised if we had the guts to allow for pruning.

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